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Alysons Design Studio Ltd is currently trading as ADS Planning & a.Dezign


This currently our primary and very niche business. ADS Planning is an architectural design and planning consultancy specialising in analysing crowd dynamics and flow through space in order to establish building capacity, circulation, ingress and egress planning, identify potential risks and also for the purpose of emergency planning.

Particularly experienced in the aviation sector, our work also include education, hospitality, sports and entertainment venues. We use crowd modelling and simulation tools to analyse crowd behaviour and patterns, which enable us to make informed design decision to achieve higher quality, safety and security measures.


The a.Dezign brand was created to cater for our design projects for high-profile clients, which are mostly residential grand-design. Although we are not actively seeking business of this type at the moment, we are more than happy to offer our architectural and interior design service to our existing as well as new clients at any time.